@ U.A.. 2020-08-05: Greatful Internetforce of U.A. and some other matters.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of my heart,

it is very  impressive what our Internet-Force is able to do, although it is not really new, cause our girls and boys in Internet-Force are used to their work for a long time. And because of that we are able to achieve goals other people cannot. While prosecutors typically put down charges against system-criminals, this is not the fact regarding the case Thole-Bachg. She refudes to testify to the prosecutor and has ordered a lawyer to act for her. The prosecutor told her she would apply for a criminal warrant if the perequisites were met. Much more than nothing – really an unusual success against an appraiser, but not enough… I and perhaps we will have to fight on that frontline….

Concerning Lies-Judge Paul Wesseler our Internet- Force foes the best job, but at the   Post Offive there lies a letter from a Landgericht for me, possibly Lies-Paul is accusing me of not callingl him Lies-Paul. We shall see. Step by step, so I am sure, we will break down the perverted madness! There is a first time for everything, and our worldwide community  is including the avant.gardes in all disciplines, together we are the champions of the world, but we don´t fight to exploit others, but for perfect reason and perfect justice for the well of everyone.

I am proud to fight in community with all of You!

I love You!

Moving on!


Winfried Sobottka, UNITED ANARCHISTS




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